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Shop Floor Automations software (AKA SFA) provides the leading software brands in the manufacturing industry to integrate & support the best solutions for our customers with our years of applicable experience.

SFA is committed to addressing manufacturing automation needs of customers with individualized solutions. We scale automation solutions to customers of any size & variety of equipment. Building lasting partnerships with customers by understanding their specific production needs is our goal.

The developers of the software SFA carries understand your shop floor needs. With our integration services, find efficiency through machine monitoring, job scheduling, DNC software, document control, CNC editor, & more.

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Ascendant Technologies – Developing shop floor software since 1994

  • eXtremeDNC: Drip-feeding & bi-directional RS232 communication & FTP for CNCs.
  • XYZPRO 32 Plus: User-friendly G-code editing & backplotting.

Predator Software – Automate, network, monitor, & control your machine shop

  • CNC Editor: NC file editing, back plotting, file compare, & basic RS232 CNC communication. For your G-code editing needs.
  • DNC: Shop floor connectivity with security, management, & reliability to any CNC make/model. Revision control & drip-feeding of large programs.
  • MDC:  Data collection of shop floor productivity metrics to improve operations & decisions. Increase OEE & track machine trends.
  • PDM: Document management of any manufacturing sign-off, instructions, requirements, & processes in a secured vault with revision control. You can also go paperless through PDM!
  • Tracker: Keep track of tooling, gauges, & other valuable tools on the shop floor.
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Scytec – Machine Monitoring to get the most of your equipment

  • DataXchange: Cloud or on-premise real-time machine monitoring & OEE.

JobPack – Increase efficiency & production times with job scheduling 

  • JobPack Real-Time Scheduler: Shop floor scheduling, planning & delivery date results. Replace spreadsheets with real-time job scheduling. See if you’re on schedule or late to meet customer’s needs.

MTConnect – SFA utilizes this universal factory floor communication standard to enable the efficient transfer of data between devices & software applications. More info here

Predator Software
Scytec Reseller

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