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USB Connect Pendant Mount


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  • All Portable USB features, but with easy to install pendant mount
  • Includes 4 line LCD display & 2GB Thumb Drive
  • Mid-tape start with search function, end of block character control, & more
  • Connects via RS232 serial port with USB directory listing
  • Eliminates need for expensive memory upgrades
  • Hardware & Software flow control for any CNC
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Product Description

The USB Connect Pendant Mount is a USB to CNC communication device that can be used to load and save programs from your CNC Memory and drip-feed to most CNC Machines. The USB Connect contains its own DNC firmware and requires no other device or components to work.

USB Connect on CincinnattiThe device comes with all the components for the customer to install on your CNC machine. The USB Connect Pendant Mount includes 2GB USB Flash Drive Stick, a panel mount USB connector/waterproof cap, display, USB cable, & a power cable. Powers by 7-28vDC from CNC. Supports up to 16GB USB flash drives.

This hardware solution becomes part of the CNC control and there is no external cabling or power to worry about. Supports the High-speed Baud rates that Haas and Fadal controls offer. The USB Connect will work on most CNC Controls that support standard serial protocols.

Among the Controls that this will work with: Siemens, Anilam machines, Bridgeport machines, Cincinnati’s, Fadal, FANUC, Haas, Yasnac, Brother machines, Mitsubishi, and others. Please call Sales at 877-611-5825 to confirm if your specific control will work with this device.

Drip-feed those large files from your memory device or DNC. Did you know that you do not need a CNC software or hardware update in order to use this device? A new feature available soon is email alerts from this device whenever there is a production issue with your machine.

Note* All manuals for this product are on the USB Stick provided with this order. Email alert features may not be available for all Ethernet versions. 

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Mazak USB ConnectUSB Connect Mazak

Switch Box USB ConnectUSB Connect Switch Box

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More about setting up a USB Connect Pendant Mounts from our YouTube Transcripts page: 

Today, we’re going to talk about the configuration of your USB Connect. As you can see from the main menu, you have four items. CNC to USB, which would mean to save from the CNC. You have USB to CNC, which means we’re going to send from this unit into the CNC control. We have DNC for drip feeding, and then we have “Set Up.”

The first thing every person should do when they get the unit is to go to “Set Up,” and you need to just scroll through all these items. The first item you need to do is set up your baud rate to match your CNC machine. You can go up and down using the variety of buttons to choose the appropriate baud rate that your CNC machine is set to.

pendant_4The next item is going to be “Data” “Parity” and “Stop” bits. You need to choose the appropriate one to match your CNC machine. Next is the “Flow Control,” or as some people call it, the “Software Handshaking.” You need to choose the appropriate method, and then you will go to the next item, which is EOB Delay, which is End of Block Delay. You can choose anywhere from no delay, all the way up to one second. What this does will slow down the transfer on certain controls that it is required.

The next item is “EOB Characters, that is End of Block Characters You need to choose the appropriate combination that your control is using. Line Feed Carriage Return options will be listed, even non-binary.  The last items are “Start Tx” – this is a character that you put at the beginning of the file and as you can see, we have choices of Siemens, for the Siemens control, we have none, null characters, and percent signs. Then, you have “End Tx” characters – this will be the character that is embedded at the end of the file. We have percent signs, null characters, none and EOT, and no change. The last item you are going to do is the automatic. We want to leave it at “automatic,” unless you’re directed [otherwise] by someone at Shop Floor Automations.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 6 in

Click either “Brochure” to learn about the Pendant USB Connect vs the Portable USB Connect.


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