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Scytec DataXchange Software

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  • Choose from On-Premise or Cloud Based
  • As low as $45 monthly per machine for Cloud option
  • Real-time data collection from any age CNC controls & equipment
  • Unlimited reporting, charting licenses & users
  • View & report on data results from anywhere
  • Track multiple cycle time types

Product Description

Scytec Status Chart

DataXchange Key Features

  • SFA is an official, trusted reseller of DataXchange
  • Pay monthly with no long term contract!
  • We can house the servers – you provide the data!
  • You can also use DataXchange on-premise
  • Unlimited reporting & charting licenses
  • Track multiple cycle time types & access data from anywhere


OEE and IIoT reports and charts from Scytec DataXchange help improve machine utilization and minimize downtime.  “Collecting data from the machines is one thing, but utilizing the data for actionable results is critical in order to convert manufacturing data into manufacturing intelligence,” Scytec proclaims to customers.

Tech Manufacturing reviews DataXchange from SFATimelines, equipment status summaries, OEE summaries, trends, downtime Pareto, scrap Pareto, histograms, plots, comparisons, and more can be charted. These charts can be displayed in the real-time dashboard of the program, which includes being able to saving group or personalized chart templates and ability to export this data to CSV or Excel.

“DataXchange is a Cloud and On-Premise manufacturing machine monitoring system,” Scytec says of their services. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing, they were able to create this program from scratch. “Increasing utilization by roughly 30 minutes per machine will cover the cost of the software. How about the gains of knowing when machines are running at a lower feedrate, a program stop, or sitting in feed hold?  The software typically pays for itself within the first few days of each month.”

Scytec Downtime ChartFeatures: Enjoy a real-time manufacturing dashboard, machine downtime tracking, shop floor data entry, tracking overrides, mobile equipment status, reports, charts, overall equipment effectiveness, and data collection.

Track multiple types of cycle time
Scytec DataXchange has the ability to track multiple types of cycle time. For example, cycle time can be tracked from a hardware adapter and through MTConnect or FANUC FOCAS. Reporting on metrics such as utilization and efficiency can then be run on both sets of cycle time and the two can be compared. Another example is to collect spindle time along with load to unload time.


Want more info, but you’re not ready to request a quote? Sign up for a Machine Monitoring webinar!

Support for MTConnect & FANUC FOCAS Ethernet protocols
Scytec DataXchange supports Ethernet-based protocols such as FANUC FOCAS and MTConnect greatly reducing or eliminating hardware at each piece of equipment. 



Aero Precision LLC Reviews DataXchange from SFA

New Features & Updates

DataXchange is constantly being changed, updated, and improved for users! Future DataXchange updates are projected to include OEE & work orders.

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More info on Machine Monitoring here.

Collect from Ethernet or RS232 based devices
In addition to supporting the latest technologies, DataXchange also supports RS232 serial devices such as CNC machines, CMM’s, scanners and RFID hardware.

Scytec Target ChartCollect from CNC machines, PLCs, or even manual machines
While collecting from equipment with the latest technology such as MTConnect is great, many times there’s a need to collect from manual equipment. Keying off of voltage, current, or presence sensors are all methods used as input into DataXchange to identify the state of the equipment.

If the Internet connection is lost, data is retained and automatically uploaded once the connection is restored
Temporary loss of internet connectivity will not cause the loss of any data. If the data collection terminal running DataXchange locally cannot connect to any of the hosted servers the data will be retained locally and uploaded as soon as the internet connection is restored.

DataXchange SRC 2017 EditedGot a Legacy Machine? You need the Status Relay Control (SRC)

The SRC (pictured here) helps simplify ease of collection from equipment via a signal/combo of signals. Connect to outputs from another system (EXAMPLE: a CNC, a PLC, or devices like a proximity sensor). Scytec DataXchange reads all inputs of status to help users create a better understanding of their machines. More SRC info here.

Configurable logic expressions without writing any code
One key requirement for a successful data collection system is accurate data. However, equipment varies tremendously making accurate data collection difficult. Therefore, in order to collect accurate data the system must be powerful, flexibility, yet easy to use and maintain. When you see DataXchange you will be impressed! A few examples include adding criteria to determine of if a piece of equipment is cycling or not using a friendly user interface. Compare the status reported by the equipment to the status in the data collection system to determine if an update is needed. These are just a few examples of the strengths of the configurable logic expressions in DataXchange.

How to Use the DataXchange Data Entry Screen

Check out our tutorial on how easy it is to enter downtime reasons, scrap reasons & more!

How to use the DataXchange Modified Time Stamp

How to modify the time stamp of events, such as unplanned downtime, in DataXchange!


DataXchange Browser View

DataXchange Browser View

The Real Time Viewer has a built-in Web Browser View. This feature allows for an internal or external web page to be displayed with in the DataXchange dashboards.  This can provide value by displaying company messages, data from an internal company website, or to view MS Office documents through Office Online. This includes Excel sheets! More info here.

DataXchange Reporting AppCharting, Reporting & Viewing

View and report on your data from anywhere

In the facility, on the road, from home; the data is available at all times from any location accessible from a PC, a tablet or a phone.


No database or web servers to purchase or maintain

We’ll house and maintain the servers greatly reducing the implementation and maintenance costs. There will be one PC on site which will aggregate the data from the equipment and take care of ensuring the data is successfully and securely transferred to the server and available for immediate reporting.

Read this article from Industry Week about how DataXchange helped a mining and dredging equipment company make better use of their employees time, enhanced operation effeciency and cut costs!


DataXchange has two license options available:


  • Low startup cost
  • Month-to-month
  • No term commitment
  • Software updates included
  • Support included
  • No web or database servers to maintain
  • Automatic updates every few months


  • Traditional upfront software purchase
  • Annual maintenance for updates and support
  • Web and database servers required
  • Updates must be installed on the server
  • All data stays on the company network

DataXchange Dashboard

Have a question regarding DataXchange? Visit our FAQ section or Contact our Support department!


DataXchange can be integrated with Bigfoot CMMS. Click below to learn more.

Aerospace Manufacturer’s Success Story

Cloud-based monitoring with DataXchange through SFA helps this company’s productivity keep up with ASAP orders from Boeing, Lockheed Martin & more! Click the button to read the Modern Machine Shop article about it.

Tech Manufacturing’s Success Story

Read this Modern Machine Shop piece about how DataXchange through Shop Floor Automations got Tech Manufacturing to achieve high metal removal rates and an instantaneous productivity boost! Click below for more.


A variety of charts and reports are available in the Scytec DataXchange Process Control System to bring value to the data collected from the shop floor equipment.  A sample of a few charts are displayed below.

Reporting Groups

Reporting groups are user definable equipment groups that provide the ability to structure the data in a variety of different way. An unlimited amount of groups can be created allowing for quick comparison of the data in different formats. Group the data by functional area, equipment type, or process, even across multiple plants. The reporting groups allow flexibility when it comes to reporting rather than being restricted by a structure based on physical location.

Equipment Status Charts

The equipment status charts shows the percentage of time in each status for a selected time period. The chart can be displayed showing individual pieces of equipment groups allowing the viewing and comparing the statuses.

DataXchange Equipment Status

Equipment Trend Charts

The equipment status trend charts plots one or multiple statuses for individual or groups of equipment over a period of time.

DataXchange Equipment Trend Charts

Equipment Downtime

Planned and Unplanned downtimes for individual or groups of equipment can be displayed for a selected time frame.

DataXchange Downtime Chart




The Scytec Process Control System will be available in four versions. Any quantity combination of versions can be used allowing some equipment to only collect cycle status while other equipment also collects downtimes, etc.

 Features Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
 Data Collection
   Automatic Cycle Statuses Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Multiple Concurrent Cycle Types Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Unknown Downtime Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Planned and Unplanned Downtime Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Barcode Scanner Data Entry Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   PC Interface for Data Entry Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Tablet Interface for Data Entry Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Good, and Scrap Parts Checkmark Checkmark
   Work Orders Checkmark Checkmark
   Users Checkmark Checkmark
 Reporting Charting Exporting
   Reporting and Charting Licenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
   Real-Time Viewer Licenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
   iPhone / iPad Viewer Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Android Phone / Tablet Viewer Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Export Data to Excel and CSV Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Saved Reports Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Email and Text Notifications Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   FANUC FOCAS Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   MTConnect Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Haas M-net Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Status Relay Controller / Ethernet Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Status Relay Controller / RS-232 Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Barcode Scanners / Ethernet Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Barcode Scanners / RS-232 Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   SSL Encryption Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Menu Level Permission Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Group Level Permissions Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
 Advanced Features
   Multi-time Zone Reporting Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Multi-Database Reporting Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Multi-Language Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Customizable Languages Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
   Application Programming Interface Checkmark Checkmark
   Ideal Cycle Times for Parts* Checkmark Checkmark
   OEE Checkmark Checkmark
   Caron TMAC Status Checkmark Checkmark
   Caron TMAC Chart Data Checkmark



Flexible licensing options for both Cloud and On-Premise Deployments. Call us for more details at 877-611-5825!

No Licensing Keys

Licensing keys are a hassle, restrictive, and a provide a risk of being lost or stolen.  Therefore Scytec DataXchange does not use them.  Licensing is controlled all through software simplifying support and allowing for easy upgrades, modifications and transfers.

License Mobility

The licenses assigned to equipment can be transferred between equipment through software providing simplification and flexibility as the tracking requirement change.  Licenses can even be freely moved between plants.

Licensing Levels

Scytec DataXchange currently has four levels providing options and flexibility.  The different levels can be combined allowing for some equipment to utilize only basic functionality while other equipment utilizes advanced functionality.


The pricing for Scytec DataXchange is straight forward and simple.  There is a one time setup fee per account and then a monthly fee per piece of equipment.  Discounts are provided as the quantity of equipment increases.

Cloud Pricing Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
   one time per account
$1000 $1500 $2000 $2500
   Base Monthly
   Per Equipment
$45 $65 $85 Gold + $50
per process
   On-Premise Pricing Call for specific pricing info 877-611-5825


Quantity of Equipment Discount
0-9 0%
10 2.5%
15 5.0%
20 7.5%
25 10.0%
30 12.5%
35 15.0%
40 17.5%
45 20.0%
50 22.5%
55 25.0%
60 27.5%
65 30.0%
70 32.5%
75 35.0%

Apple iOS


Mobile apps are available for iPad and iPhones. The apps allow real-time viewing and automatic updating of the equipment status along with the ability to generate a variety of historical charts.The iPad and iPhone apps are available on the Apple App store. Click the App Store link or scan the QR code to go to the App Store to purchase and download the app.

Qrcode Apple Store iOS

Google Android AppsMobile apps are available  coming soon for Android phones and tablets. The apps allow real time viewing and automatic updating of the equipment status along with the ability to generate a variety of historical charts.The Android tablet and phone apps will be available on Google Play very soon.

Apple iPad – Current Status

Scytec DataXchange iPad Current Status

The iPad view of the current status for all of the equipment. The current status updates automatically once a minute.

Apple iPad – Timeline Chart

Scytec DataXchange iPad Timeline Chart

The iPad view timeline chart showing the historical status of the selected equipment.

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch – Current Status

Scytec DataXchange iPod Current Status

The iPhone and iPod Touch view of the current status for all of the equipment. The current status updates automatically once a minute.

Collecting data is one thing, making it useful is another. There is clearly value to having historical data, but having the data in a meaningful format as the activities are happening greatly increases the value of any data collection system. Scytec DataXchange provides a user configurable real-time viewer providing feedback as the data is collected in a user configurable interface.

DataXchange Real-Time

Visual Manufacturing

Visual information helps articulate more clearly, and the Scytec DataXchange Real Time Viewer delivers visual data to stakeholders throughout the organization through user interfaces uniquely configured to suit the needs of specific users or function areas. Visually manufacturing data becomes accessible to more people, to make faster decisions and accelerate their respective workflows, leading to faster, better understanding and communication of information.

Personal Dashboards

The visual dashboards can be configured by each user for their use, or for use by functional areas, such as machining cells. Personal dashboards allow users to customize part of the interface to suit their individual needs. Multiple personal dashboards can be created providing quick access to a variety of different information.

Real-Time DataXchange

Remote Viewing

The real-time data is available from anywhere with internet access. View the real-time viewer from home, or on the road using a Windows PC, Android or iOS.

Access to Multiple Screens

The Scytec DataXchange Real Time Viewer has customizable rotation functionality allowing the configuration of rotating through multiple screens automatically.

Automatic Login

TV monitors setup on the shop floor by each cell with the real-time viewer configured to show the appropriate equipment for each cell. The mini PCs are configured to log in automatically and then Scytec DataXchange will login automatically, open the Real Time Viewer, and launch the appropriate screen for display in the cell.

DataXchange Webinar Sign-Up

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  • Quick Overview of Scytec DataXchange
    • What is the Benefit?
  • Charting and Reporting
    • Historical and Real-Time Dashboard
    • Mobile Apps
  • Types of Data Collected
    • Multiple Concurrent Cycle Types
    • Planned and Unplanned Downtimes
    • Part Numbers, Good Parts
  • The Power of DataXchange
    • Query Multiple Sources of Data
    • Configurable Logic Expressions
  • Licensing Levels and Pricing
    • Low Monthly Fee, No Commitment
    • Based Only on Equipment, Unlimited Reporting
  • Data Collection Methods
    • MTConnect, FANUC FOCAS, Hardware, Tablet, Barcode
  • Scalability
    • Shops with Few Machines
    • Multi-Plant, Multiple Language, Across Time Zones
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Scytec Machine Monitoring Brochure
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