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Floppy Emulator – Haas


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  • Haas compatible, Plug and Play model
  • Replace old Floppy disks with a USB Flash drive & still maintain Floppy procedures
  • Slide your old floppy drive out of the HAAS & slide in the SFA Floppy Emulator
  • Hold the same amount of Data on a USB drive that Floppy disk could
  • Add USB to your old Haas at a low cost

Product Description

Haas Floppy Emulator for Haas CNC Machines

Our Floppy Drive emulator works on numerous Controls. However, because of the “Plug-and-Play” nature of the Floppy Emulator on Haas CNC Machines, we are able to provide this price online for customers who do not need any support with the Haas Floppy Emulator.

It is easy install and requires no system configuration or debugging. For other controls, please contact our Sales Department. The drive emulates your existing floppy drive to act as if the floppy drive was never removed.  Will not increase your drive space.

Order comes with a 2GB USB Flash Drive with product manual on it, for your convenience. The Floppy Emulator will not increase your drive space.

The $275 price is only for Haas machines. Space is limited to 1.44MB Floppy Emulators for other machines are available by clicking here. For file size concerns, call 877-611-5825, and we recommend you check out the Portable USB or the Pendant USB.

More on the floppy emulator: A lot of times, we still see the floppy discs out on the shop floor. As you well know, these are too hard to find, hard to maintain, and unreliable! So, we’ve come up with a solution to allow you to eliminate that floppy disc by using our Floppy Emulator.

On the back of your machine, you typically will have a power cord and an IDE Cable you plug that in the exact same spot, then it’s up and running! Your machine control believes that it is still using a floppy disc, so procedure on the machine is exactly the same. This is why we prefer and recommend the solution to eliminate the floppy disc, it allows you to breathe life into your equipment, and continue to use your machine tools, but deliver a better method of managing your NC programs, rather than a floppy disc.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 11 x 2 in

Here are our Top 3 FAQ questions that are specific to the Floppy Drive Emulator product:

What does the RJ-45 Ethernet Port do on the Floppy Drive Emulator?

Will your floppy drive emulator work on my CNC Machine?

Is there a program size restriction with the Floppy Drive Emulator?

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