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Shop Floor Automations Review PortalDid we delight you, as a customer? Is there something in the process we can fix? We would love to hear about how we are doing! Submit a Shop Floor Automations review or survey, and you could get coupon codes, or free swag, for your time!

Check out the opportunities listed below to leave surveys for coupons or free G-code shirts. You can also participate in a case study for free publicity.

If you are short on time, leave us a quick review on Google or Facebook. Thanks for being a customer of SFA!

  • Customer Success Survey. 8 quick questions. Reward: Free Shirt – How have we helped you?
  • Purchase Origin Survey. 4 quick questions. Reward: Coupon Code – How did you find us?
  • Case Study. 10 minute to 15-minute phone interview. Rewards: Free publicity and upon publishing of the case study, you will get a free shirt! Do a Case Study with us
  • Google Review. Leave a Star Rating & optional comment. Reward: Making our day! Leave a Google Review
  • Facebook Review. Leave a Star Rating & optional comment. Reward: Making our day! Leave a Facebook Review

If you want to leave a less than perfect review, we encourage you to reach out to us first. Please call (877) 611-5825 or contact us by clicking here. We would love the opportunity to fix the situation.

SFA has been in business for almost 20 years as a manufacturing integrator and we pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with customers. We look forward to hearing from you.

DISCLAIMER: You are only eligible for rewards from these surveys or case studies if you are an existing customer of Shop Floor Automations. We can only send out free shirt rewards to customers and to non-PO Box addresses. You can combine surveys and rewards, as long as you meet the qualification of being an existing or previous customer.