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Predator Software

Shop Floor Automations has been a top reseller of Predator Software annually since 1999. We specialize in the following Predator solutions:

  • Predator DNC

    Predator DNC Software for networking your CNCs, robots and PLC-based machines. Handle programs that are too big to download at the machine and drip-feed with ease.

  • Predator MDC

    Predator MDC is real-time machine monitoring software that automatically collects, reports, charts and processes real-time shop floor manufacturing data including OEE, cycle time, idle time, setup time, teardown time, machine downtime and more.

  • Predator CNC Editor

    CNC Editor for NC file editing, backplotting, file compare, & basic RS232 CNC communication. G-code editing packages that fit any size shop.

  • Predator PDM

    Predator PDM software offers paperless manufacturing-driven Product Data Management designed to organize and control CNC programs, setup sheets, safety procedures, quality documents, and others with complete revision control.

  • Predator Tool Tracker

    Predator Tracker software electronically automates the tracking and organization of your tools, gages and fixtures.

  • Predator Touch HMI

    Predator Touch HMI is a customized big button interface that ca replace bar code readers and QR code readers. Works with DNC, MDC or PDM.

Predator Software from SFA

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