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Integrating Machine Monitoring and CMMS

The Industrial Internet of Things

The power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is more than a fad nowadays; it’s revolutionizing maintenance operations. Nearly every asset in a manufacturing environment has the capability to provide critical information. This capability can come directly from the machine using handheld devices – such as pressure calibrators or multimeters – or machine-mounted sensors to collect and feed critical asset data to a single system of record.

Josh Davids, President and CEO of Scytec, and Paul Lachance, President and CTO of Smartware Group, Inc., collaborated during the “Connected Plants: Capitalizing on the IIoT for Maintenance Optimization” webinar to explain best practices in collecting and integrating asset data for actionable and results-oriented operations and maintenance management.

Access this recorded webinar from Smartware to discover how the IIoT for maintenance and asset condition monitoring can go from buzzwords to reality in your plant operations.

Why Integrate Monitoring and CMMS?

  • One interface for input into multiple system
  • PCs, tablets, iPads, bar code scanners, etc.
  • Reduce training
  • Increase communication
  • Eliminate dual entry
  • Increase data accuracy
CMMS and Monitoring


Scytec DataXchange

The real-time display on the DataXchange dashboard indicates that two machines are experiencing unknown downtime. With the software integration, this information is automatically sent to Bigfoot CMMS.

Charts of Scytec

Bigfoot CMMS

Once Bigfoot receives the data about the unknown downtime, it will trigger corrective action. In this example, Bigfoot will draw up a work order along with an email notification.

Work order


This software integration instantly knows when and where a problem occurs and automatically begins corrective action.

Reporting Capabilities through DataXchange and Bigfoot Integration:

  • Real Time Configurable Dashboard
  • User based and company based dashboards
  • Timelines, current status, grids
  • Part usage (by asset or part), PM parts needed, site comparison, WO summary, KPI summary
  • Trend Reporting
  • Cycle, unknown downtime, unplanned downtime, PM completion analysis, labor analysis, asset cost analysis
  • Desktop and Mobile charting
  • Historical and Current status on mobile devices
  • User and User Group level Reporting Groups
  • Allows the data to be rolled up many different ways