usb connect – add usb to your cnc

The USB Connect series for USB CNC solutions will eliminate old technology on your CNC machines & bring new life to them with our USB solutions. Tired of CNCs with a floppy disk drive? Looking to add a USB port to your CNC control to transfer NC programs? Our USB Connect products streamline loading & saving of part programs via USB connectivity, as well as drip-feeding to CNCs.

Our Floppy Drive Emulator acts as a USB Floppy Emulator, is easy to install, & requires no system configuration or debugging. It works in PCs & CNC machinery such as Haas, Mazak, Fadal, Mitsubishi, Omniturn, Centroid, Robots, Flame Cutters, & Greco Boxes. We are adding new models to our compatibility list monthly, so call SFA at (877) 611-5825 with your floppy drive Make & Model info so we can confirm the ability to emulate!

Our USB Connect, in Portable & Pendant models, has flexible DNC firmware built into the unit, allowing connection to just about any machine tool CNC control with a USB directory listing.

Positioning the USB Connect controller close to the control allows the machine to run at its maximum baud rate, saves the operator time previously spent running from the PC to the machine to begin operation, & it adds extra protection from potential damage.

Store large part programs libraries on a single USB flash drive to send to CNCs, plus enjoy hardware & software flow control, plus Xmodem flow control.

Floppy Drive Emulator

Floppy Drive Emulator

  • Plugs into floppy power connector
  • Support Wired EDM, Mills, Lathes, Robots, & equipment
  • No need for Floppy Disks anymore
  • Works with PCS and works with CNC machinery

Portable USB Connect

  • Portable, rugged aluminum enclosure
  • Drip-feed with single button repeat operation
  • Mid-tape start with search function
  • Connects via RS232 serial port with 4 line LCD display
  • Eliminates need for expensive memory upgrades
portable usb to cnc hardware
USB Connect

Pendant USB Connect

  • All Portable USB features, but with pendant mount
  • Support Mazak CMT Files
  • Includes 2GB USB Thumb Drive
  • Easy to install on any CNC
usb to mazak

USB Connect Pendant – Mazak

  • Mazatrol CMT flow control
  • Send & Receive those specific files
  • Same size as standard USB Connect
usb to cnc switchbox

USB Connect Pendant – Switch Box

  • Built-in Switch Box capability
  • USB device does automatic switching
  • No need for Serial Cable to feed to Switch Box
wireless files to shared folder

Wi-Fi USB Connect

  • Emulates USB Stick – Wireless USB
  • No drivers needed
  • Read & Write files over Wireless
  • Up to 128MB of storage
  • Store files at any workstation

USB to Serial Connect

  • USB to Serial Adapter
  • Supports Windows 7, Windows 8 & 10 – 32/64 bit
  • CNC Control Compatible
  • LEDs for indicating USB activity
  • DB9 male connector for RS232
cnc serial laptop cord
2GB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

  • 2GB – Store Photos, Documents & More
  • Works with our Floppy Drive Emulator
  • Works with our Pendant & Pendant USB Connect