Rs232 serial cables & rs232 adapters

From RS232 cables, RS232 Adapters, Honda Cables, RS232 Testers, & more, Shop Floor Automations has your custom cabling solutions! We can sell you 25 Foot to 100 Foot cables off the shelf, as well as make custom cables from 125 Feet up to 300 Feet in length.

Search below for your cable solutions, or contact our sales department by clicking here if you need something bigger or smaller than is listed. You may also call us Toll-Free at 877-611-5825. We are here to help! 

RS232 Serial Cables

  • Designed for Harsh Manufacturing Environments
  • Low Capacitance
  • Supports cable runs up to 300 feet with no data lost
  • 3 Levels of Shielding
  • 8 Conductors in the RS232 Serial Cable
  • 5-Year Warranty Against Defects
  • List of Supported Controls
RS232 Cabling CAT5

High quality, application specific RS232 serial cable is an essential component in any reliable shop floor communications network. For those of you who may have had the misfortune of re-stringing thousands of feet of cable to combat noise and data transmission problems, SFA has you covered.

SFA did one better than co-develop the most reliable and powerful RS232 cable available (worldwide), they put together a system that provides customers with an entire cable solution.

You won’t have to worry about properly terminating new cable ends to match your controllers RS232 pinouts. No longer will your maintenance department have to run around trying to find a replacement cable in an emergency.

RS232 Adapters

RS232 Adapters

  • Multicolored
  • Easy to swap out
  • Male and Female
  • 25pin or 9pin

Since different style CNC machines need different wiring, CNC Serial Port Adapters are used. CNC Serial Port Adapters are color-coded and designed to eliminate soldering, crimping and customized wiring.

CNC Serial Port Adapters are RJ45 to DB25 adapters with standard color-coded machine specific wiring. Since all of the wiring logic is included in the Machine Adapter, machines can be moved and a different Machine Adapter can be plugged in at any time.

The simplicity of the system allows maintenance departments to stock components and quickly solve a wide range of wiring problems with a standard color-coded wiring scheme.

Honda Cables™

Each of our Honda Cables are made in-house by a trained technician. Fanuc technicians even call us to buy these cables!

Honda Cable

Standard Cable

  • Quick hookup
  • Inside cabinet
  • Plug and Play
Honda Cable

Micro Cable

  • Similar benefits to Honda Cable
  • Premade with 25pin Female
RS232 Mini Tester

RS232 Tester

  • Tester plugs in line with CNC machines or PC
  • Plug and Play
  • Determine active port & if activity is on CNC RS232 port
  • We strongly recommend including with every order