The FANUC Honda Micro Cable

For FANUC-based CNC users interested in serial communications

FANUC Honda Micro Cable info:

  • Drip-feed programs to your CNC
  • Punch out & read in parameters
  • Simply send programs from your PC to CNC’s
  • A must-have for FANUC-based CNC users interested in serial communications

The Fanuc Honda Micro Cable attaches to your FANUC-based CNC machine control and provides full RS232 serial I/O support to the system. Examples of FANUC-based controls include Mori-Seiki, Doosan, OKK, Toyoda, and FANUC-branded controls.

The Honda Micro cable is capable of employing all baud rates and modes of handshaking offered on the machine and forwards the 24v DC power from Pin 25 through to the serial device, so the cable may be used in lieu of a 24v DC power supply.

The Honda Micro cable can be connected via the JD5A/JD5B or JD36A/JD36B ports inside your machine control cabinet or inside the control pendant, depending on your CNC.

Want more info on this product? Call (877) 611-5825. Customer outside of the USA? Click here to request this product

Want info about this product? Call (877) 611-5825

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Our Serial Connect line is perfect for shop floor workers inclined to use a traditional RS232 cabling connection to machine tools. These products are compatible with new & legacy RS232 CNCs, serial equipment, point of sale applications, & other mobile devices.

With options to link up via CAT5/6 Ethernet cables or direct ports to PCs, & even for new laptops with only USB connections, we can connect you. The USB-to-Serial converter is the perfect accessory for laptops computers that do not have a traditional 9pin RS232 port. Connect your CNC control to your computer using our RS232 serial cables & adapters – they are pinned & available in various lengths.

Not sure what Serial Connect solution is best for you and your equipment?  Don’t guess. Stop crimping & soldering your own cables – let our team help!