RS232 Mini Tester

Cable & Serial Port Troubleshooting Secret Weapon

About this device:

  • Plugs in line with PC or CNC machines
  • Great for Cabling and Serial Port troubleshooting
  • Determine active port & if activity is on CNC for the RS232 port
  • We strongly recommend to include this with every order

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Our Serial Connect line is perfect for shop floor workers inclined to use a traditional RS232 cabling connection to machine tools. These products are compatible with new & legacy RS232 CNCs, serial equipment, point of sale applications, & other mobile devices.

With options to link up via CAT5/6 Ethernet cables or direct ports to PCs, & even for new laptops with only USB connections, we can connect you. The USB-to-Serial converter is the perfect accessory for laptops computers that do not have a traditional 9pin RS232 port. Connect your CNC control to your computer using our RS232 serial cables & adapters – they are pinned & available in various lengths.

Not sure what Serial Connect solution is best for you and your equipment?  Don’t guess. Stop crimping & soldering your own cables – let our team help!

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For a list of our RS232 Serial Cables compatibility, click here.

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