How does Predator PDM differ from other revision control software?

Predator PDM Software - revision control softwareMost revision control software packages use a database for the backend to store “links” or flags to shared files and reference the actual file.  The problem with this system is that while you might have the NC program and can place it in a database for check in and check out, there is no control with these systems. Whoever saves the file last wins!

With a true PDM system, complete revision control, lockout, and access only can be obtained by a single user until completed.  This eliminates the changes of multiple file revisions unapproved.

More on Predator PDM:

  • Paperless manufacturing-driven Product Data Management
  • Designed to organize & control CNC programs
  • Master your setup sheets, safety procedures, quality documents, & more
  • Complete revision control
  • Integration with DNC, CNC Editor, Virtual CNC, MDC & Tracker.

Predator PDM includes best practice workflow wizards for release, unrelease, revise, rollback, check-in and checkout. Every wizard honors user and group permissions and includes ISO 9000-style history.