How does Predator DNC Software communicate to a network-based CNC?

How does Predator DNC Software communicate to a network-based CNC? Predator DNC supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol) as well as Windows Share (mapped drives) for communication to the CNC.

The advantage of using this connection is faster speed and ease of connection to the network. The machine will require configuration from your network administrator to provide IPs, drive letters, user and permission controls. Some corporate networks do not allow this equipment to be connected through FTP due to security issues and potential risk of viruses.

Furthermore, most operating systems on CNCs are out-dated running Windows 95, 98, Server 2000 or NT. Updates to the operating system are not permitted typically from the machine tool builder, unlike computers used in the office.

More info on Predator DNC, from customers who have used it:

We were trying to control over 8000 programs, revision levels, and updates – the Predator system was recommended to help minimize the man hours and mistakes of doing this manually. We installed Predator DNC and CNC Editor, and have had no downtime with full control. CMW currently manages approximately 8000 part programs. The system seems to be indestructible – we have had no problems. -Wayne, Carroll Machine

We needed to be able to communicate our CNCs and improve the ability of our mill. I’ve been using Predator DNC through you for a long time. Yes, I have recommended you to other shops, and I will continue to do so. -Shane, Power Repair Service Inc