How can I control and track jobs on my shop floor?

How can I control and track jobs on my shop floor?

With our finite shop floor job scheduling software solution JobPack, you can create and schedule work orders, assign operations to work centers or CNC’s, allow users to provide status updates on operations, and assign dynamic capacity to your resources.

View real-time where the production is on each operation or work order. It also allows you to remove capacity in the event of maintenance problems on your CNC’s and the software will automatically shift the work around to other resources.

More about JobPack:

Rely on spreadsheets? Imagine switching to forms that will show you accurate delivery dates and identify any issues preventing these goals, in real-time. Click on the Graphical Scheduler photo to get a better idea of what it would look like to ditch old-fashioned, stagnant spreadsheets.

Enjoy a unique feature to see work booked & scheduled jobs on any/all machinery for up to 365 days into the future.

More features:

  • Activated jobs appear on planning board instantly
  • Display machine capacity for working & non-working days
  • Color-coding status indicates factory floor workflow
  • “What if” tests overall factory & delivery dates production
  • Use stand-alone or integrate with existing ERP/MRP business systems
  • Real-time queued jobs are displayed by work center set against shift pattern