Shop Floor Automations Partner Rewards Program - Referral FormHere is where you can fill out the Shop Floor Automations Referral Form. Reminders on how you will get up to 10% of the sale we make off of your referral:

1) We need the contact info of the decision maker at this company – someone who can buy our solutions.

2) That the referral has a genuine interest in our solutions. For example – Have you heard a decision maker at a shop saying they were thinking of investing in new hardware, software, or even new machines?

3) The lead has to become our customer – we do not pay for leads, nor do we want third party companies trying to sell us leads. The referral program is a reward for helping close an actual sale.

Shop Floor Automations has been in business for almost 20 years. We have authentic, genuine relationships with all of our customers, and we thank you for helping us expand our customer base. We have grown our customer base not only through referrals but also from organic business growth, tradeshows, and our media/social media outreach.

If you want more info, click here for more guidelines on how to get a referral fee, or call (877) 611-5825.

Partners Rewards Program Referral