Shop Floor Automations Referral Fees for Customers who recommend us to othersWhat is the SFA Partner Rewards Program AKA Shop Floor Automations Referral Fees? (SFA PRP)

It is our way to thank those of you who are committed to the best service available to all of our mutual customers. We regularly communicate and exchange ideas with each other to continually improve.

Up to 10% of the transaction can be earned for a qualified lead of a new customer.

Ways to maximize your reward:

  • Provide the name, title and contact information of the decision maker
  • Inform the decision maker that we will be contacting them
  • Specifically identify what product or service the customer would be interested in AND why
  • Register in the SFA Partner Rewards Program (we need your name and contact info)
  • Provided a lead that closed within the last year

Items that could reduce the reward:

  • Incorrect data is provided such as names, contact info, product interest etc.
  • The lead went stale for a long period of time
  • The margins on the product or service are minimal
  • You are being compensated on the project in other ways
  • Bottom line, we want you to maximize your reward and keep doing it over and over

Leads that are not eligible for a reward:

  • We already have the lead in our database and have been pursuing them
  • Rewards that amount to less than $20
  • The lead was not identified before work began
  • Circumstances that violate any rules of your company or laws

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