Shop Floor Automations Case Studies

Shop Floor Automations believes in measurable results. Check out these case studies on how our solutions help out manufacturing shop floor operations!

We are always conducting case studies on our Manufacturing Solutions. We value input from our customers, as well as feedback. Please click the button to fill out our short survey.

Case Study #1Cloud-based machine monitoring from Shop Floor Automations enabled aerospace parts manufacturer Tech Manufacturing to reduce lead times and improve productivity.

Case Study #2A computerized maintenance management system is a valuable tool to help automate preventive maintenance schedules on operational equipment.

Case Study #3Learn how CMMS helps companies such as Mutifilm Corporation improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Case Study #4Read this case study how easy-to-use machine monitoring helped this manufacturer gain over 10 percent effieciency in two years.

We also have some quick customer success stories on our testimonials page.

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