Feature Grid

Above is our Feature grid pdf on the Predator CNC Editor Software. This document will explain the different features available with the advanced version of the CNC Editor. If you would like to try one of these versions, contact us for a trial license for 30 days.


In case you were having trouble downloading the CNC Editor, here is another download link followed by the directions to set up and license it.

Predator CNC Editor v10 Light
Version: 10.0.25

The download will begin and saved to your PC hard drive. Note: Do not attempt to run the program without saving the file!
Step1: Extract the zipped CNC Editor light download
Step2: Run SetupEditor.exe file in the extracted folder
Step3: Right-click and select “Run as Administrator” to start the CNC Editor v10 that was created on your computer’s desktop.
Step4: Below is the information on how to license the Predator CNC Editor Light version of the software:

How to license Predator CNC Editor Light Software®
Registration Information:
Name: (877) 611-5825
Company: Shop Floor Automations
Serial Number: LIGHT
Access Code: Leave blank
License Type: Unknown
Server: Leave blank
Port: Leave blank

Predator CNC EditorOur company provides the sales, support and service on the complete suite of Software and Hardware Products for the CNC Machine Shop. You can visit our website to learn more about software products for DNC communications, NC-code editing, manufacturing data collection, tool crib management, and shop floor control. We also specialize in hardware products to improve communications such as Grizzly RS-232 Cabling, BTR cards, multiport serial communication boards and PC enclosures.

Our website shopfloorautomations.com has detailed product brochures, white papers, and software trials. If you would like us to mail you any of these documents with a business card, please let us know. If you would like a recommendation on what would work best for your application, then please contact us Toll Free at 1-877-611-5825.

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