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Top MFG Learning Stories

Let’s give our kids the chance to discover manufacturing-related jobs. Fall is coming, and with it, the entrance of students into their high school senior year, as well as those entering college and postsecondary programs. With students on our minds, especially in regards to the future of manufacturing and upcoming MFG Day, here are the […]

New Manufacturing Techniques

People try out new technologies each day. The manufacturing industry is no exception. They buy new phones, lease new cars, upgrade the software on their phones and computers, or add implements to their homes to improve their quality of life. Embracing new technology is a move that would benefit the manufacturing shop floor industry most. Here […]

July 2017 Shop Floor Automations Newsletter

The following is an archived copy of the Shop Floor Automations newsletter from July 2017: The buzz is out. The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, lean manufacturing, and OEE for manufacturing are all hot topics for our industry. Machine monitoring is one way to measure what you have before you can start improving, but what does […]

Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – May/June 2017 Issue

The following is an archived copy of the 2017 June/May Shop Floor Automations Newsletter. Consider Shop Floor Hardware It is amazing how much hardware changes our daily lives. Your smartphone, your FitBit, your home assistant devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home – hardware helps improve your life in so many ways. Why not invest in […]

SFA Legacy Blogs – Edition 9

SFA Legacy Blogs – Edition 9 The Shop Floor Automations blog is dedicated to preserving the history of our company. An important part of this history is the press coverage we are always grateful to receive. Here is the latest news we would like to share: WESTEC 2017 is around the corner and we will […]

Military MFG Career Fair

Military MFG Career Fair Workshops for Warriors, a long time friend to Shop Floor Automations, will be hosting its inaugural Employer Career Fair on August 4th. More info is at this link, or read below: “Employers will come to Workshops for Warriors in San Diego CA first for a tour of the facility, and second to participate […]

Mastercam 2018 Rollout

Mastercam 2018 Rollout Event Review CAD/CAM Consulting Inc. recently held a Mastercam 2018 rollout event at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA. Shop Floor Automations (SFA) was lucky enough to participate as a vendor whose solutions integrate with Mastercam software. Guests of the event not only got to sit in on informative demonstrations of […]

Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program

Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program America is the land of opportunity and the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) is an unconventional example of this ideal. Those who are behind bars will have opportunities through this program to gain skills that will land them stable jobs and do something productive while incarcerated. There can be mixed […]