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MTConnect vs OPC UA

In the January issue of Modern Machine Shop, Josh Davids of DataXchange discusses the difference between two different, popular protocols. MTConnect and OPC UA are compared. “Although OPC UA and MTConnect are both http-based protocols (which makes them usable on internet-enabled networks), the question why MTConnect exists often arises since OPC UA has been around […]

SFA Legacy Blog – Edition XII

While a big focus of Shop Floor Automations is to help customers access crucial, real-time data, we also know how important it is to look at important information of the past. Here is another edition of our Legacy Blog where we cover past media coverage. MoldMaking Technology covered our upcoming 20th Anniversary.  Speaking of event-related news, MFG […]

2017 MFG Review & Looking Ahead

2017 was quite a year for American manufacturing. From the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Fourth Quarter survey from December of 2017, the numbers were astounding. 94.6 percent of those surveyed said they were positive about their company’s outlook, whereas it was only 89.8 percent in September  – it’s even shocking to see confidence was […]

3 Dead Pieces of Shop Floor Technology

There are likely pieces of old technology on your shop floor that are limiting your productivity. They are robbing you of your time, your profits, and your resources in order to keep replacing them. Who are the biggest offenders? Here is our top three list of dead technologies you should be replacing on your shop […]

Machinists Are Not The Problem

If you are in charge of production on a manufacturing shop floor, there is no doubt that you have likely come across productivity issues. Nothing is perfect, and this includes your employees and your equipment. When there is a decrease in productivity, some leaders may automatically assume that machinists are not doing their job since […]

Manufacturing Job Safety

Accidents in the workplace happen. In 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 1,122,960 non-fatal workplace accidents happened in the manufacturing sector. OSHA also commonly states the statistic of 4,500 workers per year dying on the job. What is particularly disturbing about the number above is that of these 1.2 million workers who were […]

Shop Floor Newsletter – November 2017 – Lights Out Manufacturing

The following is an archived copy of our Shop Floor Automations newsletter from November 2017 focusing on lights-out manufacturing: 2018 is coming up fast. What are your main concerns with your manufacturing production? If productivity is a major focus, then getting started with lights out manufacturing is a good goal to reach for. We previously […]