Predator DNC Software and Ascendant eXtremeDNC Software Compared

Predator DNCPredator DNC software and Ascendant eXtremeDNC software are two great tools for CNC networking of different CNCs, punch press, water jets and other industrial equipment. They are each used to manage different types of programs. Ascendant eXtrmeDNC was the first DNC open architecture application for the 32-bit Windows operating system. It was first introduced in 1993, upgraded in 2010 to make it compatible with modern operating systems, and adapted to Ethernet, wired, and wireless hardware. It was developed for Window NT 3.5 but with the modifications, it could be applied to some modern operating systems other than a Windows based OS. It works best in a Windows 7 or Server 2008 operating systems.

However, the introduction of Predator DNC software revolutionized the CNC and DNC world. This is because of the enormous multitasking functions that can be performed on it. It has more capacity to upload, download, and drip feed. Just like the Ascendant eXtremeDNC Software, Predator DNC Software has wireless and Ethernet support. Predator DNC also uses a “object-oriented” tool library to built on functionality as the user desires. The solution also allows for a full upgrade path to other modules, such as machine monitoring, product data management and tool rib management. While eXtremeDNC has connection ports that could serve 1023 communication networks at a time, Predator DNC Software has 4096 connection and it can be used with 4096 machines simultaneously. This gives it more networking capacity.

ExtremeDNCStill, eXtremeDNC software is a useful tool, it serves different purposes for its users. It is a smart architecture compliance server which supports transmission and effective maintenance of files. If a server failure occurs or there is a loss of server networking file transmissions are not disrupted.

EXtremeDNC does not require a lot of setup and configuration. Out of the box, the product comes with several CNC templates ready to communicate to the machine tool The software enhances functions such as email notifications, it facilitates the auto tag, and renames standardization. It also enables control and easy integration of third party software. Another great aspect to eXtremeDNC Is the client/server functionality that provides true, real-time feedback as to the status of transfer. The licensing is flexible as well to purchase only the ports needed and floats without any additional modules.

Currently, eXtremeDNC Software supports different operating systems such as those under Windows XP, 7 32 and 64 bits. It does not support Windows 8. Its server operating system provides support for 2008R2, and Windows 2003. EXtremeDNC also supports Digi, Moxa, Comtrol and some other serial hardware manufacturers.


Pros of eXtremeDNC Software

  • It is an open system and as such, it is not an object driven.
  • Every communication protocol is embedded in the system.
  • It does not require any modular purchases such as email notification or printing.
  • Easy viewing of files anytime.
  • Its graphical application supports auto view and adobe acrobat devices.
  • Compatible with most serial and wireless hardware manufacturers

Cons of eXtreme DNC Software

  • Licensing is based on computer hardware, no dongle
  • Not compatible with Windows 8.
  • Not compatible with all operating systems.

Many people prefer the Predator DNC Software because of its versatility as it could effectively network all robots, PLCs, EDMs and CNCs. Furthermore, it is compatible with all the major Integration with databases, excel, VB scripting, and command line functionality.


Pros of Predator DNC Software

  • It is more compatible with Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office. It is easy to perform functions such as copying, pasting, cutting, dragging and dropping, toolbars, shortcut menus, tools as well as online help.
  • Its flexible interface feature makes it adaptable to different networking devices like USB, Ethernet, wired and wireless devices, and also different operating systems.
  • Supports several remote functions such as auto naming, remote messaging and any type of remote commands you want to perform on it.
  • It currently supports different versions of Windows Operating System such as 32 and 64-bit versions, Vista, Windows 7, 2003, 2007, and 2008, 2012 as well as Windows XP.
  • Currently, there are three editions of the software, which include the DNC Express, Predator DNC as well as the DNC Enterprise, this makes it possible to cover different types of operating systems and customer price points.

Cons of Predator DNC Software

  • Not compatible Windows 8
  • Licensing is done via dongle
  • Clients / Server is limited in functionality
  • Floating seats are controlled via separate module and additional cost


In the end, Predator DNC gets the go-ahead over eXtremeDNC as it ensures better control of workflow and has better compatibility with modern operating systems for complete automation. Also, Predator DNC is much more flexible which is essential for both control and performance. If you looking for basic functionality, price and reliability, ExtremeDNC will meet your needs.

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Shop Floor Automations has been providing DNC software to communicate to CNC machines since 1998. We provide two leading software product lines: Predator Software and Ascendant Technologies.

Most companies have methods to deliver files to machines, but are limited to using floppy disks, USB sticks, PCMCIA cards, and tape readers—or even manual typing. Theses methods use several hours to load programs, but offer no revision control, management of proven or released files, or traceability.

With our solutions, we can implement a product that improves productivity and tracks every upload, download or drip feed to the CNC, while decreasing the time it takes to load programs. Every minute on the shop floor counts, and if we can save you 5 minutes a day, your new system could be paid for in months.

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Improve CNC revision control while using existing ERP & MES bar-coded paperwork. Eliminate time wasted walking back & forth between your CNC & PC with a Remote Request function. Consider a 32-Bit, Multi-thread, Multi-tasking, Open-Architecture DNC Software solution that works wired & wirelessly.

Simplify operations with one network for all of your CNC machines, Robots, PLCs, & part makers, grouped by building or cell.

We offer the following DNC Communication solutions: Predator DNC, Ascendant extremeDNC, Predator TouchHMI, and Predator EditLock. We also have many pieces of hardware to help your shop floor achieve wireless DNC.