Predator PDM v10.0.191 is released

Predator PDMPredator PDM Enterprise has enhanced the shop floor dialogs with New Machine Events and Tracker style Check In and Out dialogs. In addition, the following improvements have been made:

January 17th 2013 – Predator PDM v10.0.191 is released

  • Added -UNRELEASED to change manufacturing and quality status workflow
  • Improved online help
  • Improved -viewvaultitem command line to support wildcards
  • Improved -viewvaultitemdialog command line to support wildcards
  • Improved machine wizards
  • Improved the Oracle database login screen
  • Improved displaying the database name and host within the statusbar
  • Improved check out warning message
  • Improved display of LF only style CNC files within the shop floor windows
  • Fixed a bug with editing a list item
Customers on software maintenance can download v10.0.191 of Predator PDM from our downloads at any time. Customers running v9 or older of Predator PDM should contact Shop Floor Automations for upgrade details and pricing.
More about Predator PDM through Shop Floor Automations:

SFA offers manufacturing-driven, open architecture Product Data Management (PDM)  designed to organize & control CNC programs, setup sheets, safety procedures, quality documents, & other files with complete document & file revision control. Go paperless with your shop floor operation via integration of DNC, CNC Editor, Virtual CNC, MDC, & Tracker.

Organization & control of various documents in the manufacturing process can be a struggle.  Auditors check if you have control, management, & sign-offs of processes & files. Don’t find yourself left behind in getting the next order. Predator Product Management starts simple with NC programs & work instructions – start easily & quickly while drip-feeding the system to your Departments, such as Engineering, Quality, & more. Integrate your ERP & MES system with open APIs (application programming interface) via 300+ methods.

Predator PDM

  • Best practice workflow
  • Multiple file vaults & secure viewing
  • User & group permissions
  • Stored in a database
  • Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or Oracle options
  • C#, C++, VB.Net, VB6, VB script, Windows Script, Delphi, & other compatible programming languages.

Predator EditLock

  • Enables control functions on CNC via commands in Predator DNC & PDM Software
  • Works with any CNC control that has an “EditLock” or “Memory Protect” keyswitch
  • Deactivate System with Maintenance toggle switch
  • Option to tie in Cycle Start signal
  • Extends CNC File Management & more features

Manufacturing News – February 2013

MFG News Hardware AdSee our latest hardware ad in February issue of Manufacturing News (AKA MFG News) – one ad is Here (Midwest Manufacturing News)and the other is Here (Southwest Manufacturing News).
More about the hardware solutions we are advertising:

Do you have a small shop? A large shop? Regardless of your number of machines, or types of controls, SFA has you covered with a complete hardware connectivity suite. Don’t shop around & waste time trying to find the lowest prices – using our 18 years of experience & full support (onsite & digital) will pay for itself with working solutions.

We make our own cables & regularly test hundreds of models of controls with our equipment to confirm what works with wired, wireless, USB, & floppy disk drives for CNCs to eliminate downtime.

Ethernet Connect – Link via Ethernet to your CNCs, wired & wirelessly
Wireless Connect – Go Wireless to any CNC, use Wireless Access Points, & additional wireless solutions
Serial Connect – USB to Serial, RS232 Serial Cables, RS232 Adapters, Testers, Fanuc cables, & more
USB Connect – Add USB to any CNC, plus Mazak or Switch Box USB solutions
Floppy Connect –  Off-the-shelf Floppy Emulators will replace floppy disks with USB media
Multi Connect – One device to do it all for DNC & Machine Monitoring
Tape Reader Connect – Behind the Tape Reader (BTR) users will want these solutions
Accessories – Antennas, Bar Code Readers, & exclusive SFA gear, like our G-code Shirt

Call (877) 611-5825 for more information and insight on how to improve OEE on your shop floor! We are also on social media – tweet us, like us, follow us, and check out our photos!