Add Ethernet to Any CNC

LAN ConnectThe LAN Connect device acts as an interface between commercially available SD flash memory and any CNC control with an available RS-232 port. Machine tool files can be sent from CNC memory to the LAN Connect device, SD memory to CNC memory or drip fed (DNC) from the SD memory. Flexible CNC communication firmware is built into the unit allowing connection to just about any machine tool control.

The LAN Connect device contains all the necessary hardware to integrate a universal display onto a CNC machine tool pendant. The controller is DIN rail mountable inside the pendant or can be reverse mounted on the display. A two (2)GB SD card is included and be upgraded by the end user to any size or brand desired to support larger NC programs / storage capacity.

The LAN Connect eliminates having to use DNC software and limitation of RS232 cables. The device connects to any standard Ethernet cable from the corporate network and is assigned an IP address. Using Microsoft Windows Operating System or FTP software, the NC program can directly load the files onto the SD card for the operator to use at the CNC machine. The CNC operator can select the file to transfer to the machine using the LCD display. Connecting the LAN Connect device to CNC controller allows the machine to run at its maximum baud rate and eliminates an operator from having to run back and forth from PC to machine to begin machine operation.

LAN ConnectThe benefits of this device has been said to reduce the cost of adding DNC Software required to communicate to machines and enable Ethernet cabling to be used as a standard on the shop floor. Ease of implementation and connection to the machine can be accomplished with IT Departments whom normally resist interfacing with CNC machines using serial cabling. The cost to add Ethernet functionality to any machine from the machine tool builder can be very expensive and now can be done at a minimal cost. The LAN Connect device works with any CNC control on the market with a serial port and been tested with Haas, Fadal, Mazak, Hurco, Yasnac, Cincinnati, Bridgeport, Mitsubishi, Mori Seiki, Siemens, Okuma, and others.

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USB Emulator Replaces Floppy Disk Drive

Youtube Floppy EmulatorUpdate, as of 2016 – the FD Connect is now known as the Floppy Emulator from the Floppy Connect line.

Shop Floor Automations has introduced its new FD Connect solution, which will eliminate floppy disk media and drives on the manufacturing floor.

Floppy disks are easily damaged in the shop environment due to dirt, oil and grime and are becoming impossible to replace. The FD Connect solution eliminates the need for floppy disks making it an ideal program and data storage solution for industrial equipment and machine tools.

The device is a simple plug in thumb drive that allows easy transfer of files to the Floppy Connect. Users simply remove the existing drive and the FD Connect plugs directly into the ribbon and power cables of the old drive. It is compatibility with 720K or 1.44MB systems.

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More about the Floppy Emulator:

Floppy Connect EmulatorReplace your floppy disk on your CNC machine tool. We have a device called the Floppy Emulator. A lot of times, we still see the floppy discs out on the shop floor. As you well know, these are too hard to find, hard to maintain, and unreliable! So, we’ve come up with a solution to allow you to eliminate that floppy disc by using our Floppy Emulator.

This device basically allows you to use a USB stick that you can plug into your PC, format it to 1.44 MB, plug it into this device, and deliver your NC program to your machine control. The advantage is that you no longer have to deal with that media and essentially is more reliable, but everybody has a USB stick available at their PC. We supply all the documentation and it’s very simple to connect.

On the back of your machine, you typically will have a power cord and an IDE Cable you plug that in the exact same spot, then it’s up and running! Your machine control believes that it is still using a floppy disc, so procedure on the machine is exactly the same. This is why we prefer and recommend the solution to eliminate the floppy disc, it allows you to breathe life into your equipment, and continue to use your machine tools, but deliver a better method of managing your NC programs, rather than a floppy disc.

Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – May 2012

Shop Floor Automations Newsletter The following is an archived copy of the Shop Floor Automations Newsletter – May 2012.

Start your Show Planning for IMTS in Chicago – Sept. 10-15

We are all looking forward to an amazing IMTS this year featuring our new Machine Monitoring and Paperless Shop Floor Solutions. has some useful tools to help you make the most of your experience. Their “MyShow Planner” allows you to browse online for what you are interested in and then create a personalized agenda.

We have also partnered with Jobpack, one of the best Shop Floor Scheduling solutions on the market, to demonstrate the latest version of their finite scheduling system at the show.  Come see how you can improve your on-time delivery dates and keep your customer satisfied!

Machine Monitoring for as low as $45 Per Month!

Scytec’s Hosted DataXchange is the most cost efficient and simple method of Machine Monitoring available. It can scale for those with limited budgets up to sophisticated 200+ machine shops with assembly lines and robotics.  DataXchange allows customers to collect machine data remotely and store in a secure offsite location. It is available starting at $45 per machine per month and includes volume discounts.

You may have seen our advertisements in the press and on the web! Act now while our setup fee is discounted through May 31st.  Schedule an online web demo or onsite visit by contacting our sales department.

Tech Tip
#4 of 4 Mistakes Manufacturers make:

Working extra hours of overtime to create a cushion that can be called upon for hot jobs

Overtime labor is expensive. Not every employee wants to work overtime, either. If you know that a large order is imminent and you want to clear your schedule to accommodate the order, then perhaps working overtime makes sense. But, what if the order does not arrive when it is expected? What if the order requires manufacturing resources you didn’t plan to deploy?
The JobPack Master Scheduler is a real‐time finite capacity scheduling tool that loads production jobs to maximize the use of machines and other resources and immediately identifies what resources will be overloaded. This allows you to adjust the production schedule to reduce the overloads and meet your customer delivery promises. Add overtime if you need it. Move jobs to other machines or workcenters. Schedule jobs into the future as far as your lead times require.

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