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Use your PC, or a Tablet, to access Touch HMI Software

Software Solutions

DNC Software for CNC communications to virtually any brand & age of machine tool or connection type. Real-time machine monitoring & CNC data collection to improve performance, plus OEE. Control shop floor manufacturing documents completely paperless & CNC programs using the latest in Product Data Management. CMMS solutions are best for all aspects of assets & plant maintenance. Learn more!

Hardware Solutions

Connect your CNC machines with the latest in wireless RS232 & Ethernet connectivity to any type of CNC controller, plus streamline the shop floor with one vendor. Upgrade & replace your floppy disk drive with our Floppy Emulator, or add USB ports to machine tools to simplify transfers. Serial ports for laptops, RS232 cables, & Fanuc cables are our specialty. Check us out!

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With 18 years in business, hundreds of machine tools worked on & many automated manufacturing sites across the USA visited, SFA has the background you need. If you are curious about solutions, have an idea, or want to know more about SFA, contact us today. We like talking to clients at no charge or obligation to buy.  You may also refer to our blogs, case studies, videos, newsletters, & more!

Our Customer Testimonials

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About SFA

Founded back in 1998, Shop Floor Automations Inc. of La Mesa CA started out small, focusing on Predator Software distribution in the San Diego and Los Angeles Markets. Shortly after gaining the title of biggest reseller in North America in 1999, SFA furthered its reach with maintenance management software, job management, scheduling, manufacturing hardware, tool management, & more. Number 1 in Predator Software Sales, Service & Support for the past 15 years, SFA is a leader in Shop Floor Communications and Machine Monitoring Solutions. With customers across the USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe, & Asia, they look forward to servicing you. Read more about Shop Floor Automations by clicking here!  

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